Building a new benchmark for the speed of transformation in the Utilities industry
Operational efficiency through Machine Learning & Automation.
Introducing enLighten OS – A Digital Discovery Toolkit for Utility Network Understanding
Imagine if a Utilities control center could see exactly what is going on in their customer’s premise. Imagine if it could see into the future and react to grid events, before they happen. Identify when to adjust for the load change, be ready to repair or replace devices before they break and know when to invest in your low voltage network - just in time.

About GridMind

The history of the GridMind team dates back to 2009 to focus on Smart Grid related projects. Since our creation we have implemented software and some hardware development projects for clients across Europe in areas such as load balancing in demand-side response systems (DRS), renewable energy production, security for revenue management systems and EV charging solutions with the Stockholm Royal Seaport and various car manufactures.


Most recently we have been focusing our experience and learning in developing advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and tools to help Distribution System Operators (DSO) and Transmission System Operators (TSO), to better maintain and understand their networks/grids through predictive maintenance solutions that unlock the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the transformative power of Big Data in the Energy sector.


GridMind also has a history of participating in European Union sponsored research projects like EIT ICT Labs, which is today rebranded EIT Digital, in corporation with KTH, Ericsson and Tallinn University of Technology. The goal of the project was to begin developing early prototypes of various technologies for future smart grid networks.